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Welcome to OneCircuit 2.2!

Bear with me as I bring the new site online. Here you'll find information about projects I'm working on, my hobbies, interests, my quest to learn the bass guitar, my Faith and all sorts of interesting stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Adam     

 I still have my old copies of Texas Instruments' TLL Databook.  
Found these while surfing the web... very nice to have a copy of these on your laptop while debugging PCB's.

Very interesting talk about the dangerous games we play with God, without even realizing it.


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Games People Play - Part1

 Started the first batch of CoinUps...

Now for sale in the online store.


 A buddy of mine does large numbers of PCB runs and was nice enough to run some of my CoinUp PCBs in the mix.  I'm very pleased with how they came out.

Many thanks Mark!!

 Back in '83 there was a movie called 'Nightmares' that was pretty much a compilation of 4 short thrillers.

 Well actually, it's a Punchout -> Donkey Kong -> Jamma adapter, but I'm too cheap to build a dedicated adapter just for Punchout.

See video

 A friend and fellow arcade game collector asked me to look at a couple of his Tron PCBs.  This one kept resetting with random graphics and an occasional ROM error.

See video

 The first step is admitting you have a problem. 

 No sooner did I take care of the graphic issues when an audio problem showed up.  Turns out he was getting speech and some audible effects but no background sounds or music.

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